Nicholas Stoller Could Direct A Buddy Cop Comedy With Seth Rogen And Kevin Hart

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A Seth Rogen/Kevin Hart buddy cop film has been set up at Paramount for a while now. The idea was originally pitched by Late Show With David Letterman head scribe Rodney Rothman, but we really haven’t heard much about the project since. Now, it looks like it’s finally getting ready to head into development as Neighbors director Nicholas Stoller has expressed interest in making it his next film.

Speaking to /Film in a recent interview, Stoller said the following about the premise and what we can expect from the untitled comedy:

“The next thing I want to direct is this thing for Seth [Rogen] and Kevin Hart. It’s basically about the first white cop/black cop pairing in history. It takes place in the late ’40s and they have to bust jazz musicians for weed. It’s kind of a Baz Luhrmann world mixed with Tarantino shit. It’s a lot of things.”

For those who don’t know, Rothman has penned scripts for three of Stoller’s films (The Five-Year Engagement, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him To The Greek), so it makes sense that the two would want to work together again. Likewise, Hart and Rogen have a history as well (The 40-Year Old Virgin). Together, this comedic foursome makes quite the team, and with a premise that sounds nutty yet completely within Stoller’s wheelhouse, this potential buddy cop film could very easily turn out to be an absolute laugh riot.

No word yet on when this all might come together, but with such an impressive team of talent behind the project (Hart and Rogen are perhaps the two most in-demand comedic actors at the moment), you can bet that Paramount will push the project into production pretty quickly.

Tell us, what do you think of this idea for a buddy cop movie? Are you excited to see Seth Rogen and Kevin Hart team up? Sound off below!