Nick Castle Sure Is Enjoying Sharing Halloween Teasers


Now that filming on Blumhouse Productions’ Halloween has officially commenced, we’ve been given a continuous flow of news and photos from the set. Actually, some of them have proven to be real delights, especially those such as one showing Nick Castle taking a break in between takes.

For those unfamiliar, Castle played horror icon Michael Myers all the way back in the original film released in 1978. Well, at least for a good portion of the picture. You see, Tony Moran filled in for some of the third act, most notably when Michael was shown to be unmasked. Suffice it to say, we’re wondering if a similar switcheroo will occur here, given that James Jude Courtney has also been enlisted to play the slasher pioneer in the highly anticipated sequel.

While we wait to find out more on that front, there’s much to relish over this situation. It’s not often that someone is invited back to play this particular character – Tyler Mane is another rare exception – but seeing Castle having a good time in between takes with John Carpenter must excite fans of the original to no end. And, as we alluded to earlier, the actor has been keeping all of us on our toes, posting a variety of teasers from the set on social media. Given that, we’ve compiled a handful of his most recent ones in the gallery below.

Originating on his Twitter page, each photo offers something subtle from the front line, whether it be Castle sitting in a chair designated for “The Shape,” to something as simple as a visit to the hair and makeup department. Personally, I really dug seeing his shadow that hints at Michael Myers’ ominous frame and the linens hanging in the backyard that were captioned with “look familiar?” Rest assured, the more diehard among you will know what that likely means.

Halloween opens in theaters on October 19th, and at this point, we couldn’t be more excited to see what Blumhouse has cooked up for us.