Here’s How Nick Castle Felt After Reuniting With Jamie Lee Curtis For Halloween


The new Halloween allowed for a touching reunion between actors Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle, whose characters may no longer be siblings but who still share a strange kind of bond after all these years.

The upcoming Blumhouse production marks the return of Nick Castle as Michael Myers, a killer he helped make famous in the 1978 original. Curtis, meanwhile, reprises her role as Laurie Strode, the heroine who survived her first encounter with Michael on that fateful October night and has been preparing for his homecoming ever since.

Speaking to USA, Castle summed up the weirdness of the two of them finally sharing a set once more:

“She said, ‘Is this nuts or what?!’ So that was kind of what it felt like: What the hell, this is going on again 40 years later?”

While Castle only makes a cameo under the iconic mask, the majority of Michael’s scenes go to James Jude Courtney. But though the original Shape may be easy to miss, if the job gave Castle the opportunity to meet the old gang again while recreating some famous set photos from the first movie, then his involvement was surely worth it.

Speaking of the first film, the star recently clarified that the only reason he agreed to be in John Carpenter’s classic slasher flick was to learn a thing or two about directing. In the decades since, Castle has kept himself busy helming comedies like 1993’s Dennis the Menace and 1995’s Major Payne. Upon returning to the Halloween franchise, the actor said that he sensed a lot of pressure among the crew for this new installment to live up to the legacy of the original. And you can judge for yourself whether the latest sequel is a worthy addition to the series when it hits cinemas on October 19th.

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