Nick Castle Takes A Walk Down Memory Lane With New Halloween Photo


With Blumhouse’s Halloween, there’s a real feeling that writer-director David Gordon Green is getting the gang back together.

Not only is Jamie Lee Curtis back as Laurie Strode, the original Scream Queen of Haddonfield, but Blumhouse is also about to welcome the return of Nick Castle as Michael Myers (AKA The Shape), the masked serial killer responsible for that fateful night in ’78.

Fast forward 40 years, and the core cast of Halloween is making a comeback, albeit with James Jude Courtney handling the physical aspects of Michael’s performance – similar to how Joonas Suotamo leveraged Chewbacca’s screentime with Peter Mayhem during Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

And to celebrate, Castle himself has recreated the vintage photo of Michael Myers sipping on some soda. Also, who knew The Shape had a taste for Dr. Pepper?

Four decades later, and Nick Castle is still every bit as enthusiastic to put on the mask, which is really a testimony to how much he loves the Halloween franchise more than anything else.

Here’s hoping the inevitable Blu-ray release is jam-packed with extras and special features about what it was like for Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle to return to Haddonfield after such a long period of time, because when it comes to David Gordon Green’s sequel, we’ll take any bonus content we can find… and that’s before the movie’s even debuted!

Halloween creeps into theaters on October 19th, and while Blumhouse currently has no plans for a direct sequel (that we know of), we’re since learned that studio boss Jason Blum hopes to resurrect other dormant horror franchises beyond 2018. Could this be the lifeline Friday the 13th so desperately needs? We live in hope.