Nick Frost Learns To Salsa In Cuban Fury Trailer And Clip


When we think of British media in America we tend to think of Downton Abbey, Jane Austen adaptations, Hugh Dancy, and Edgar Wright comedies. But a mere glance over some of the British domestic releases – that is, films that do not and will not receive an American release – reminds us that the Brits are just as enamored of stupid comedies as we are. Cuban Fury looks to be just such a film, but with a cast that includes Nick Frost, Rashida Jones, and Chris O’Dowd, this one will likely wind up in American cineplexes.

Cuban Fury stars Nick Frost (that’s Simon Pegg’s life-mate in Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End) playing the role that Kevin James would play in an American production. Frost is Bruce Garrett, a gentle soul who wants to seduce his sexy American boss (Rashida Jones of Parks and Recreation). To this end, he takes salsa dancing classes, because there’s nothing funnier than a fat guy trying to dance. Chris O’Dowd (the nice guy from Bridesmaids) is also on hand as Bruce’s smarmy rival in love and salsa.

Actually, all of this should make for an entertaining film, but the trailer as it is makes it look like just another dumb comedy about the nice guy who can’t get the girl (but probably will). Frost, O’Dowd, and Jones would be the reasons to see this one; all are excellent comedians and enjoyable to watch, a cut above their standard Hollywood counterparts. But even that cannot entice me to give my money to Cuban Fury, unless someone tells me it’s far better than the trailers suggest.

Still, I would urge you to watch both the latest trailer and the clip below. It serves as a reminder that our neighbors across the pond are not all high-brow culture and Sherlock. They can make some pretty ridiculous comedies, too.

Cuban Fury comes to theatres on Valentine’s Day.

Source: The Playlist