Nick Fury Not In Captain America: Civil War, But Samuel L. Jackson Wants To Re-Up Marvel Deal

Samuel L Jackson image Nick Fury

Given the massive size cast of Captain America: Civil War, it’s somewhat relieving to hear that at least one Marvel staple won’t be competing for screen time against a host of familiar faces and franchise newcomers. According to Samuel L. Jackson, whose lucrative contract with Marvel has seen him play S.H.I.E.L.D. leader Nick Fury in a shocking seven films thus far (leaving just two titles left on his contract), his linchpin character won’t appear in Civil War.

It’s expected that Marvel is keeping Fury waiting in the wings for the two-part Infinity War films, but what happens to the character after that is unclear (it’s rumored that he may be among the many fatalities expected in the earth-shaking Avengers trilogy topper). If Jackson has his way, though, he’ll keep playing Fury for many films to come.

Speaking to Collider about whether he’s interested in remaining a part of the MCU, he said:

“Of course [I’m interested in returning]! I’m looking for a contract extension right now, yeah. I’m looking to re-up.”

Indeed, it sounds like Jackson has developed a deep love of the MCU, especially because of all the experiences working across multiple films has allowed him to have. Jackson explained:

“It’s an amazing amount of fun. I finally met [comics writer] Mark [Millar], last year, when I was doing Kingsman, ‘cause he was on set one day, and I finally got a chance to thank him for making Nick Fury black and changing the whole dynamic. It’s really great to be the connective tissue between so many different characters in so many different films, that brings those guys together. But I’m not in Captain America 3. I can’t figure that out, but I’m not. I guess I’m still out there, trying to figure out what happened to S.H.I.E.L.D. and who these other people are.

But it’s an amazing honor to be that guy, to be Nick Fury, to be in that particular world, and to be a character that people believe. It’s great. I’m as grateful for being in that, as I was being in Star Wars with George [Lucas] and to play a character that people remember, like Mace Windu. It’s all great. It’s hard not to be a part of something that you know, if people study film for the next 200 years, they’ll be talking about Star Wars and The Avengers series, and all that stuff.”

Will Marvel still have a place for Fury going forward, though? That’s the big question – he’s been the connective tissue for Phases One and Two of the MCU, but with S.H.I.E.L.D. in ruins after The Winter Soldier, he’s been operating in a far more under-the-radar capacity. It’s expected that, with new Avengers lineups coming together, Marvel will start to kill off or write out some of its bigger players, from Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man to Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, and Fury is one of those characters who will probably have an expiration date before Jackson ages out of playing him.

What say you, Marvel fans? Should Nick Fury depart the MCU after Infinity War, or do you want to the studio to keep him around?