Watch Nick Jonas In The New Trailer For Erotic Thriller Careful What You Wish For


As with most child stars, Nick Jonas is making a bold move into mature territory, this time starring in the erotic thriller Careful What You Wish For. A new trailer for the film launched today, centering around Jonas’ character encountering a world of pleasure and danger on a summer vacation.

The film tells the story of Doug (Jonas), a teen heading off to college in the fall and planning an epic summer vacation to celebrate. Of course, an attractive young woman enters the picture (Isabel Lucas) and Doug begins an affair with her, behind the back of her husband and his neighbor (Dermot Mulroney).

Lifetime Movie Network-like shenanigans are likely to ensue, as dangerous secrets force “Doug to his limits as he battles deceit and betrayal.” The film is directed by Elizabeth Allen (who did the kid-friendly flicks Ramona & Beezus and Aquamarine) and is set to release on June 10 with a limited theatrical run in conjunction with a VOD launch.

Based on what we see in the footage here, we’re not expecting a whole lot out Careful What You Wish For, but it could be a harmless enough, if not overly predictable watch. Check out the trailer for yourself though and see whether you agree with us or not.

Source: Deadline

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