Nicki Minaj Wants To Act And Work With Will Smith

nicki minaj

Perhaps it’s only natural that rapper Nicki Minaj would want to spread her creative wings and dive bomb into Hollywood. Not only does the singer-songwriter want to get into “the acting gig,” but she told Entertainment Weekly that she’d like to work with Will Smith and Tim Burton.

While “discovered” only a few years ago, Minaj has certainly made a name for herself. But even with an upcoming tour with Britney Spears, Minaj keeps her sights on her long-term goal of acting.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly after the MTV Movie Awards, Nicki Minaj talked about her true passion. “I went to school to be an actress. I never expected to be a rapper. It just fell in my lap. So I would like to get an acting gig. I hope that when I am done with the tour I can go back and do some acting. That is my long-term goal.”

And who would the chart-topper want to work with if she had the chance? “I want to work with Will Smith, because he’s a very successful rapper turned actor and therefore a role model. And Tim Burton, because I love his crazy imagination. He comes up with these characters that are just so fascinating and the costumes and just creates these whole worlds.”

Even fellow rapper-turned-actor Busta Rhymes has something to say about Minaj’s move into acting, “I don’t think there’s anything missing from what she’s doing. She’s a new artist. She’s doing more than what new artists do as far as being everywhere and having the success and acknowledgment that she’s had. I’m just saying the only thing left for her to do, from what I can see, and not only the thing left for her to do but the next thing that I would like to see her do is films.”

I find many musicians-turned-actors really can’t act. There are a few exceptions. Mostly, those that do turn up in the odd move bit part stand out less because of acting skill, and more because I have a “oh, there’s that rapper” moment.

What do you think? Do you want to see Minaj in movies?

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