Nicolas Cage Is Very Angry In New Clip From Rage


I know, I know: the only Nicolas Cage movie you really want to hear about right now is the Christian Apocalyptic sure-to-be laugh riot Left Behind. But everyone’s favorite ham actor also continues to roll out the uber-violent films that most people forget about within about a week of their release. The latest in this long line of work is the aptly-named Rage, a movie that is all about Nic Cage being really upset by everything.

Cage is going all Liam Neeson on us this time, playing a man with a violent past who gets dragged back in because his daughter is kidnapped. Wait…really? So was Liam not available or something? What’s important about this is that obviously Nic is angry – very angry – about his daughter being kidnapped, and he’s going to take it out on everyone in his path.

The latest clip from Rage actually avoids showing us that beautiful emotion known as Cage Rage, at least until the very end. Instead, it’s just a minute and a half of violence, with no set-up and no apparent purpose aside from a bunch of guys going haywire. The violence is somewhat creative, including our Nicky repeatedly slashing a guy’s wrist for, I’m sure, a very good reason. I would like just a bit more context, however, as I’m not certain why this is happening. I hope that this film doesn’t drop the ball in the Cage Rage department, though. After all, why cast Nicolas Cage in a movie called Rage if you’re not going to cut him loose and let him howl at the moon?

You can watch the clip below and decide for yourself if this film will be worth your time and money. Rage will premiere on VOD June 10 prior to its theatre release on July 11. Get excited.