Nicolas Cage sinks his teeth into the role of Dracula in ‘Walking Dead’ creator’s twist on the tale

nicolas cage pig

Nicolas Cage has signed on for the role he was born (possibly thousands of years ago) to play: Dracula.

Today the Hollywood Reporter noted the eccentric thespian, who is just as famous for his many memes as his acting roles, will be playing the king of vampires in Universal Pictures’ monster movie Renfield.

The new twist on the classic tale will tell audiences about what it is like to be Dracula’s assistant (an easy job, I am sure) and was greenlit after a pitch from Robert Kirkman, best known for creating The Walking Dead. Chris McKay of the LEGO movie franchise is set to direct direct. As previously noted by the Hollywood Reporter, the film is expected to be lighthearted and funny as Renfield realizes he is in a codependent relationship.

This marks a return to a wider audience for Cage after years of toiling away in poor and cheaply made productions alongside a raft of unusual and occasionally quirky independent films. He has previously dabbled in horror and vampire lore before with 1989’s Vampire’s Kiss and served as a producer on 2000’s Shadow of the Vampire, but what may come of this could be a whole new frontier even those who love Cage at his looniest are not ready for.

What do you think of Nicolas Cage playing the legendary count? Is he due for a comeback and return to form or will the various projects he has percolating end up as a series of misfires? Let us know in the comments down below.