Nicolas Cage Faces The Rapture In First Left Behind Trailer


The days when Nicolas Cage was a great actor are rapidly becoming a distant and fond memory, overwritten now by ham acting, terrible scripts, and bad CGI. While we’ve had one or two glimpses of Cage’s talent in films like Joe, they have been all too few and far between. No, despite his best intentions to the contrary, Cage continues to accept parts in films that allow him to be as mad and as hammy as anyone can hope for. Unfortunately, I fear that the Christian Apocalyptic movie Left Behind will be no different.

The first trailer for the project comes to us courtesy of the film’s Facebook page – and incidentally, you should read some of the comments on it if you want a good laugh/cry. For those that don’t know, Left Behind is based on the embarrassingly popular book series by Tim LeHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins that consists of sixteen instalments, which means that if this film does well, we might actually be favored with a franchise that could carry on until…well, Doomsday.

If the basis of Left Behind was not bad enough, what we see in the trailer is positively laughable. This is not even good Apocalyptic narrative, instead depending largely on action movie tropes and moments of decrying God for being such a jerk and leaving people behind. Cage is going to have plenty of room to overact here, as we’ve already seen in an equally hilarious first clip from the film. Does this man just not care any more? This would be funny if it was not so very sad.

Left Behind will premiere on October 3rd, 2014. You can watch the first trailer below. Rapturous, isn’t it?



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