Nicolas Cage Will Not Be In Ghost Rider 3

Despite making over $200 million worldwide at the box office, not many people enjoyed Ghost Rider. The studio tried to shake things up with Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and while it did have its moments, the film did even worse than its predecessor, scaring away most critics and only raking in $132 million worldwide. As of now, the fate of the series is up in the air.

So far, there has been no confirmation on whether there will be a Ghost Rider 3 but according to star Nicolas Cage, it is a possibility, he just won’t be involved in it. When asked by Collider if a third film is likely, Cage said that “it’s possible, but it won’t be with me. I’ve said what I have to say. I don’t want to say never…anything’s possible. But I doubt, highly, that I would be in a third installment of that.”

Cage’s sentiments aren’t really surprising as it’s understandable why he wouldn’t want anything to do with the series. Then again, I’m surprised that the actor would turn down a paycheque, he’s starred in some pretty terrible films over the past few years.

Either way, Cage or no Cage, I don’t think anyone particularly cares about Ghost Rider at this point, nor do I think a third film will spark any kind of flame with critics or audiences. This is one franchise that should probably be left alone, for now at least. That being said, this is Hollywood after all and if the studio sees any potential at all to make some quick profits with a third instalment, you can bet that they’ll go for it.

What do you make of this? Do you care that Cage won’t star in Ghost Rider 3? Do you even care if the film gets made at all? Lets us know in the comments below.

Source: Collider

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  1. Ryan Kadlecsays:

    as cage said so. so be it. Sony will not continue with Ghost Rider and they will revert the film rights back to Marvel so they will reboot the whole thing in one of MCU’s phases.

    1. the ghost ridersays:

      You people truely yourll are blind!ghost rider is the best film and he is the best super hero there should be a 3 there’s a lot of fans around the world just like me who are eagerly waiting to watch 3 you people say der shouldn’t be a 3 then why are yourl searching ghost rider,coz yo all love it! I await ghost rider 3..peace peoplez

  2. Alexsays:

    The Ghost Riders were horrendous, and I wouldn’t be that suprised if this one failed to be decent.

  3. AustinHockertsays:

    I thought the first one was awesome. The second one was one of the worst movies ever. To hear they are gonna reboot them and start over is exciting.

    1. Alex Lubberssays:

      My thoughts exactly, but I don’t think a 3rd film is going to be made.

  4. If they do make it, and WHEN it does crap out at the box office, I’m sure the only thing they will blame for why it did so shit, will be because of piracy..

    scape goat much?

  5. Larrysays:

    Hope there is a third with cage I enjoyed both

  6. Brandon Michael Del Riosays:

    I hope they make a third ghost rider with Nicolas cage and eve mendes

  7. rockysays:

    Yes there should be a third gost rider more Action more deeper to have people on the edge of there seats and no one can just be gost rider win u do a part you become it

  8. A_Aiman1997says:

    i really like if Cage becomes the star of Ghost Rider, if there is another Ghost Rider film. it suits him better than anyone else. please film Ghost Rider movie 3 🙂

  9. Mathew Oterosays:

    If there is a 3rd Ghost Rider,then it would make more sense that Nicolas Cage is in it,because he was in last 2 movies. Besides,if someone else was in it wouldn’t make any sense knowing that Nicolas Cage was in #’s 1 & 2,as Johnny Blaze ,but it also seems to look a whole lot better with Nicolas Cage in it.

  10. kirisays:

    I love ghost rider. But if Nicholas Cage doesnt want to be apart of it, may e it can be like a jump to the past with the first ghost rider? This way you get a better look on the second ghost rider seen in the first movie and understand what it’s like to be a Rider. The ending could be a lead to a fourth where a New rider is introduced and teams up with a now retired Johnny Blaze. Perhaps a girl rider?

    But, you cant say the series sucked as it didnt. It was interesting, it was full of action anf there was never a dull moment. It bombed in most peoples eyes as there was no nudity, there wasnt a hot chick in a mini skirt strutting around in stilettos. Nicholas Cage doesnt star in movies like that, he stars in movies baded around romance, action, I mean look at the actual worst movie he was in, Wicker Man. It was suppose to be a horror movie and it left people confused as hell. If anything, a sequal to Wicker Man would be a mistake. Ghost rider deserves to be a series. If they didnt want to make it one, they wouldnt have had cliff hangers at the end of #1 & 2.

    1. Alex Lubberssays:

      Honestly, as much as I would love a sequel to Ghost Rider, I don’t think Marvel is going to do anything with the character since they already have plans to start introducing new characters into the MCU. I wish that Marvel would stop with rebooting Spider-Man. They’ve tried the character twice already, but haven’t given any thought to Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze. Blaze is a more interesting and dark character that deserves to be explored and given a fair chance to prove just how awesome he really is.

      My opinion.

      1. kirisays:

        Again, This character is BASED off a Marvel character. The movie itself isnt by marvel companies at all. The movie is just a ‘what if’ on the character if he was real. What his life would be like. Spiderman and all the other dumb hero movies never should of been made to begin with. Look at superman. ‘he can take a bullet to his eye but his only weakness is kryptonite’ really? That isn’t a superhero. Superheros aren’t suppose to be non-realistic. Batman is a superhero and he isnt superhuman neother is robin!
        Rant ^

        Anyway, as I was saying if there was a three, I wouldn’t doubt Cage would reject the role simply because his new films are well.. dumb. Nowadays he stars in movies where his character is crazy as he is going crazy. His roles have seriously plummeted. If they made a three, they should make it around a New rider. Maybe get a new star that will attract a younger crowd. But, definitely not cage.

  11. Chris Comersays:

    There should be a new ghost Rider Jonny blaze was not the only ghost Rider there was others after him there’s one I like very much I forgot his name but he was a street racer until some guys beet him up then after the beating I don’t remember how he turned into the ghost I thought the divle makes all the ghost riders but I don’t remember seeing the divle in this comic I just remembered his car catching on fire but this is him

  12. Chris Comersays:

    Please don’t disappoint me by not making this movie like y’all did so many movies be for like the second avatar the last air bender movie the amazing spider man 3 movie all of the imortle instruments movies the last twilight moive iron man 4 there are plenty of movies I was way for for at least 3 years before I found out they where never going to make them and I hope y’all make all if them anyways if not please make this one and the twilight moive right now I need all of these moive made but twilight and ghost Rider 3 are the ones I’m looking forward to most of all I need them im tired of waiting on something that will never happen and I’ve been waiting so I expect them to be made no y’all put these really awesome endings and announce these movies just to cancel them give fans like me hopes up I can’t stand for this any more

  13. Chris Comersays:

    Y’all still make fast 8 what I’m glad they are but they are getting over a death everyone else is just quit over a brake up or just because they want to they started this they got to finish it they can’t quit now the fast and the Furious crew had every reason to quit after Paul’s death but they did not they kept going to honor him Y’all are just giving up

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