Nicolas Cage Joins Heist Drama 211


Nicolas Cage doesn’t hurt for work. The Academy Award-winner starred in five movies last year, whether you saw them or not (even as a Cage devotee, I only ended up seeing two), and the prolific actor already has a whopping six set to arrive later this year, including the already-released Arsenal from earlier this month. But the rage inside Cage doesn’t go down quietly. He figured out his next project, the bank heist drama 211, which starts filming in March in Bulgaria.

Written and directed by York Alex Shackleton, 211 follows a good cop (Cage) trying to dismantle a recent bank heist. Seems simple enough, right? 211, by the way, is police code for robbery in progress. It finds Cage on the other side of the law this time, as he recently found himself portraying a quirky bank robber in last year’s overlooked dark comedy The Trust, which was one of his better performances of late — especially given how hit-and-miss he can be, to put it generously.

211 comes to us from Nu Image and Millenium, the latter of whom Cage seems to like a lot. And I mean a lot. The actor has starred in at least six films under their banner, and that includes the upcoming Joyce Carol Oates adaptation Vengeance: A Love Story, which he was set to direct once upon a time ago, The Humanity Bureau and Mom and Dad. You’ve gotta hand it to the guy: his film work output is pretty incredible, even if some of his releases aren’t better than bargain bin fare.

Tell us, are you looking forward to 211, or have you grown tired of Nic Cage at this point? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below, whatever they might be.