Nicolas Cage May Star In Tokarev

Nicolas Cage is in talks to star in another generic revenge-seeking thriller. This one is being written by Jim Agnew and Sean Keller, two writers who haven’t done much in their careers.

According to Movie Hole, Hannibal Pictures is looking to get the Oscar winner to headline Tokarev. The film sounds very similar to Taken or Cage’s own Seeking Justice as it tells the story of a reformed crook (Cage) who returns home to discover that his daughter has been kidnapped.

For some reason, Cage seems to keep taking any script that falls into his hands. His last several films have been trashed by critics and audiences and it puzzles me as to why he keeps making poor career choices. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that Cage has done some great films in the past and as mentioned before, he does have an Oscar under his belt.

No deal has been made with Cage on Tokarev just yet, but the actor is also in talks to do Marble City with Mickey Rourke, which is another revenge seeking thriller.

Will he end up signing onto both, or is one revenge-seeking thriller enough for the washed up actor?