Nicolas Cage To Star In Medallion

Academy Award winning actor Nicolas Cage has signed up to star in a new thriller Medallion, which will be written by David Guggenheim and directed by Simon West.  The film’s central plot will be that Cage will play a thief, whose daughter gets kidnapped and locked in the back of a ‘Medallion’ taxi cab in New York City.

It sounds like perfect, numbskull, blockbuster action fluff in the same vein as Taken or indeed the later Die Hard films. Nicolas Cage seems to be reinventing his persona into a more mature action hero (a la Liam Neeson) and that sounds nothing other than fun. Also with Simon West at the helm, who previously worked with Cage on Con Air, it is likely to be completely harmless action spectacle.

Millenium Films is producing it but is now looking for further buyers and financiers, with McG a producer on the film I doubt it will be a while before we here of more developments on this film.