Nicolas Cage’s dumbest movie finds implausible success on streaming


During the course of his lengthy and illustrious career, Nicolas Cage has been in a number of all-time classic movies, plenty of very successful ones, and more than a few dire VOD efforts. That being said, it’s hard to think of anything the actor has lent his talents to that’s as head-slappingly stupid as 2009’s Knowing.

Don’t get us wrong, Alex Proyas’ apocalyptic sci-fi mystery thriller made $183 million at the box office on a $50 million budget, so it wasn’t a flop by any means. In fact, it was a fairly intriguing film until the third act, where the rails came off in increasingly ludicrous fashion.


Cage plays the father of a young boy who ends up with a document that was discovered in a time capsule buried 50 years previously, eventually deciphering a code that’s accurately predicted every major disaster to have happened in the interim. Setting out on a journey to unravel what comes next, the narrative ultimately ends up careening off a cliff and exploding into a ball of unintentionally hilarious flames when it hits the bottom.

We’re not going to spoil it here, but rest assured ⏤ you’ll be left wondering what the hell you just saw when it happens. As fate would have it, Netflix subscribers have been discovering themselves en masse after Knowing managed to sneak onto the platform’s most-watched list, as per FlixPatrol.