Nicolas Winding Refn Might Direct Bond 24


‘Tis a day for speculation, it seems, though this one could mean a lot to a major franchise. There’s a good possibility that Nicolas Winding Refn might direct the next James Bond film, Bond 24.

Everyone breathe now. This is largely speculation, coming to us courtesy of First Showing’s Alex Billington, who recently interviewed Refn at the end of the Cannes Film Festival. Billington directly asked Refn about the next James Bond movie and thinks that Refn may have indicated that he’s going to be involved. Really, all the guy does is smile and ask Billington where he got that idea, but then again – he doesn’t deny the assertion, now does he?

Nicolas Winding Refn is a hot international commodity right now, and really has been ever since Drive. He was at Cannes this past week promoting Only God Forgives, which has divided critics (much as Drive did). If he does direct the next Bond, I can only say that it will a good choice. While I was unimpressed by Drive, Refn’s other films – including Bronson and Valhalla Rising – are curiously in keeping with the grittier, weirder direction of the contemporary James Bonds. His Bond would undoubtedly be an even darker figure.

I wonder if we’re not reading too much into this little clip of Refn, though. He’s being cagey about the question, and not outright denying it, but that doesn’t necessarily indicate that he’s in talks or even interested in making a James Bond film. This is a director who assiduously avoids studio involvement in his work. Will he really jump from that to being connected to one of the biggest action franchises in the world? Isn’t that kind of like Michael Bay going art house?

You can check out the little 31 second clip from Billington’s interview and decide for yourself what Refn is actually saying, or not saying. Refn’s very non-Bondian film Only God Forgives will come to theatres July 19.

What do you think about the possibility of Nicolas Winding Refn directing Bond 24? Great idea? Or can it even happen? Let us know in the comments.