The Last Night Of Monty Python Will Be Broadcast In Movie Theaters Worldwide


Monty Python lovers now have cause to rejoice! Although only a lucky few will get to see The Last Night of Monty Python (the final stage show of Britain’s famed comedy troupe) live, Picturehouse Entertainment has nabbed the rights to broadcast it in movie theaters around the world.

The show is being billed as the farewell performance of all the remaining members of Monty Python, and will be performed at London’s O2 Arena on July 20 while being simultaneously broadcast to 450 theaters across the UK, and 1500 theaters worldwide. This is quite a coup for Picturehouse given the continued popularity of the Pythons; the O2 show was sold out within a matter of minutes, so a great many fans will welcome the opportunity to catch the live broadcast on a big screen.

Live broadcasts in cinemas of sporting events, concerts, and theater productions have become increasingly popular over the years. It gives viewers unable to attend games or performances a chance to actually experience something like the original production, usually at a cheaper price. With The Last Night of Monty Python, I do not doubt that tickets will sell very quickly at theaters able to take the broadcast. If this is truly the last time we’ll ever see the Pythons all together on stage (even without Graham Chapman), then it’s a great opportunity. 

There’s no word yet on what theaters or theater chains in America will be able to show the broadcast of The Last Night of Monty Python, and considering the time difference it might not happen at all. But we will keep an eye on things and let you know when there’s any further news.

Source: Variety