Nightwing Director Promises A Completely Different Take On The Character


Knowing how broad the horizon is when it comes to DC films said to be arriving in theaters over the course of the next few years, we’ll be bold in saying that the movie we’re most looking forward to in a post-Justice League world may very well be Nightwing. Sure, we still love Batman himself, but we’ve grown quite accustomed to seeing him on the big screen and, let’s face it, a picture focused squarely on the Boy Wonder grown up is long, long overdue.

Luckily, it sounds like Warner Bros. have found the right guy to sit in the director’s chair, that being Chris McKay. Having already made the studio some serious dough with The LEGO Batman Movie, the filmmaker looks to continue his stay in Gotham City. Truth be told, we were a bit concerned as to whether he was the man for the job at first, given the animated flick’s comedic tone, but he’s since proven that he knows what makes Dick Grayson tick.

Not only that, but McKay is looking to give us something very unique with his upcoming entry into the DCEU. Taking to Twitter earlier this week, the director promised fans the following:

This movie will be different than LEGO Batman, different than any other Gotham based film or TV show and will be a wholly original look at Robin/Dick Grayson. Don’t lose hope.

This is by no means the first time that Chris McKay, a self-proclaimed DC nut, has heaped praise on the Nightwing spinoff; earlier this year, the filmmaker outlined his desire to deliver a “badass action movie,” one that will seemingly balance heart and humor as it ushers Dick Grayson into the spotlight. Still, it’s reassuring to see his enthusiasm for the project, especially when there’s so much doubt being cast over the DC Extended Universe at the moment.

Warner Bros. has yet to announce an official release date for Nightwing, but we’ll keep you right up-to-date as more information begins to emerge.