Nightwing Director Chris McKay Cools Casting Rumors; Production Eyeing 2018 Start


If, like us, you’ve spent the past nine days immersed in Stranger Things, you’ve likely grown fond of Dacre Montgomery.

Introduced as one of Hawkins’ many newcomers (see: Sadie Sink, Sean Astin), the Powers Rangers breakout played the part of Billy, a hard-rocking, mullet-wearing teen with a deep and burning hatred for his abusive father. It’s an admittedly clichéd role for Montgomery to fill, but much like the entire cast of Netflix’s sci-fi darling, the actor manages to bring something a little different to what is essentially a stereotypical character.

And it seems Montgomery’s performance hasn’t fallen on deaf ears, either. Over the weekend, the up-and-coming actor almost sent the Internet into a collective tailspin by posting a photo of Dick Grayson (AKA Nightwing) to Twitter, only to delete the status 20 minutes later.

Could it be that an announcement is imminent? If that really is the case, the film’s director, Chris McKay, is keeping things hush-hush, and stressed that neither he nor Warner Bros. have begun the casting process for Dick Grayson.

As reported by CBM, McKay solicited a handful of questions via Twitter, noting that they “haven’t started the casting process” for Nightwing, which tells us that Dacre Montgomery’s post was either wishful thinking, premature or flat-out wrong. Either way, it appears McKay and his team want to set the wheels in motion sometime next year, when they’ll be working from a script that is, apparently, “crazy good.”

This is by no means the first time that Chris McKay, a self-proclaimed DC nut, has heaped praise on the Nightwing spinoff; earlier this year, the filmmaker outlined his desire to deliver a “badass action movie,” one that will seemingly balance heart and humor as it ushers Dick Grayson into the spotlight.

Warner Bros. is yet to announce an official release date for Nightwing, but we’ll keep you right up-to-date as more information begins to emerge.