Nightwing Movie Seemingly “Years Down The Line” As Chris McKay Circles Dungeons & Dragons


Looks like Dick Grayson will have to wait a few more years for that big-screen debut.

With Paramount now ready to roll the dice on its long-in-development Dungeons & Dragons movie – as of yesterday, Chris McKay is in negotiations to direct the fantasy flick – it appears Warner Bros. has shelved its nascent Nightwing spinoff for the foreseeable future.

In light of Variety’s scoop, The Tracking Board has published a follow-up report claiming Nightwing is now “years down the line” as McKay turns his attention to D&D. If true, that tells us Dick Grayson isn’t necessarily a priority for Warner Bros. – not right now, at least – with the studio firmly focused on Aquaman and Shazam!, along with direct sequels to both Wonder Woman and David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, the latter of which will be directed by Gavin O’Connor.

Sources familiar with the situation suggest Chris McKay has warmed to the idea of a live-action Dungeons & Dragons movie – particularly now that he’s found room on his busy schedule. Behind the scenes, Michael Gilio has been tasked with writing the original script penned by David Leslie Johnson, and it’s looking increasingly likely that Paramount wants to place its D&D adaptation on the fast-track.

Exactly what this means for Nightwing is up for question, as McKay is yet to close a deal for D&D at the time of writing. But by running the rule over Warner’s current slate, one thing becomes immediately clear: the DCEU has no shortage of projects simmering in development, given Matt Reeves is toiling away on his solo Batman movie.

Elsewhere, Todd Phillips is seemingly making headway on a standalone Joker pic, after it was reported that Joaquin Phoenix had come into contention to star. Further down the pipeline, John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein recently signed on to spearhead Flashpoint, which will have a marked effect on the DCEU moving forward.

Where does Nightwing fit into all this, then? Frankly, we’re not sure, but if Chris McKay chooses to direct Dungeons & Dragons, it’s unlikely we’ll see that solo Dick Grayson movie anytime before 2022.