Nightwing Movie Takes Flight At Warner Bros. With Chris McKay


From Bruce Wayne to Dick Grayson, THR is reporting that The LEGO Batman Movie‘s Chris McKay has entered talks to helm a Nightwing spinoff.

Negotiations are officially underway and if a deal were to place, McKay will be directing from a script penned by Bill Dubuque (The Accountant). At this time, it’s unclear as to how exactly the Nightwing solo movie will fit into the DC Extended Universe. While the character of Robin – or rather his vandalized suit – was referenced in last year’s Batman V Superman, and though Zack Snyder was notoriously coy about the character’s identity throughout development, it was later confirmed to be Jason Todd.

Richard John “Dick” Grayson represents a different proposition altogether. Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, Nightwing was first introduced as a trusty new sidekick to Gotham’s Caped Crusader, before shedding the Robin mantle to become the city’s elusive Nightwing. The likes of Batman R.I.P. imagined a scenario in which Grayson goes on to become the Dark Knight, while the character has become something of a fan-favorite over the years thanks to his central role in the Teen Titans animated series.

In terms of Warner’s live-action adaptation, the potential appointment of Chris McKay (Robot Chicken, Titan Maximum) gives us an inkling of the film’s tone and, ultimately, in which direction the studio is steering its DCEU. Couple this with the decision to draft in Matt Reeves (War for the Planet of the Apes) for The Batman – at the expense of Ben Affleck – and it’s clear that Warner Bros. is beginning to ring in the changes.

We’ll have more for you on Nightwing, including whether Chris McKay’s deal closes, as this story develops. Next up for WB though is the one-two punch of Wonder Woman and Justice League, which are expected to open on June 2nd and November 17th, respectively.