Nimrod Antal Wants A Predators Sequel

Predators, the upcoming film based on the 1980’s film series, is opening in theatres next week. The film stars Adrien Brody, Laurence Fishburne and Topher Grace. Despite the fact that the film isn’t even out yet, director Nimrod Antal is already talking about a possible sequel and how he’d love to make one.

The Playlist caught up with the director and had a chance to speak to him. Here is what Mr. Antal had to say about a potential sequel.

“Yeah. Well, listen,” Antal said. “I’m down. Are you?

When asked if a sequel has been discussed he said:

Between Robert [Rodriguez ]and I, but no one else so far. We’ll see what happens this next weekend. “I couldn’t care less about the box office,” he said. “But clearly Fox and the people hiring me do. I just want to make a good movie, and we’ll see what happens. I certainly hope people come and see it.”

That’s all he would say about a sequel but I’m guessing it will happen. The film looks good and I think it will be one of the better films this month. It should be able to pull in a decent amount of money at the box office also. It will have to compete with Inception the week later but aside from that, it won’t have much competition in July. The cast is solid and Brody is an actor who almost always delivers. I know I’ll be seeing the film, will you?