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Nitpicking ‘Star Wars’ supporters dissect Luke and Kylo’s final showdown

Good, let the hate flow through you...

star wars the last jedi
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Obviously, heading down the rabbit hole that is Star Wars: The Last Jedi is always going to throw up plenty of heated discussion and intense debate, something that’s probably never going to change looking at how polarizing and controversial Rian Johnson’s contribution to the franchise continues to be, despite the raft of well-received Disney Plus content to have arrived since.

One of the things fans detested the most about Episode VIII was the character arc of Luke Skywalker, something no less of an authority than Mark Hamill himself sympathized with. Gone was the hopeful and optimistic protagonist of the original trilogy, replaced by a dejected, jaded, and grizzled veteran who claimed that he didn’t give a sh*t about the Jedi anymore.

It all built to a climactic showdown between Luke and his nephew/former protege/mortal nemesis Kylo Ren, with the latter being deceived by a projection of his mother’s brother. Star Wars fans on Reddit have been questioning the mechanics of the scene, in particular how he didn’t pick up on Luke using Anakin’s lightsaber, and things have been getting spicy in the comments.

The top-rated reply points out Kylo’s entire arc is that he’s essentially a petulant child who continually fails to let his emotions get the better of him, so his unadulterated fury would have resulted in what turned out to be a significant oversight on his part. Funnily enough, he let the hate flow through him, only for it to turn around and bite him in the ass during what was supposed to be his big moment of retribution.

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