No Deadpool Director’s Cut After All, Tim Miller Standalone Smashes Records With $135 Million Weekend


Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) reacts to Colossus’ (voiced by Stefan Kapicic) threats.

The numbers are in, and any doubt that the Merc With a Mouth would struggle to get bums on seats with its R rating has been blown out of the water. According to Fox’s report, Tim Miller’s Deadpool closed out its three-day opening weekend with a staggering $130 million, comfortably setting a new record for the biggest R-rated debut.

Early estimates from 20th Century Fox had pegged the Ryan Reynolds-fronted actioner for a $75 million opening which, all things considered, would have gone down as a marked success. But now, after smashing past Fifty Shades of Grey to become the biggest February opening of all time, Fox execs are already eyeing a sequel.


With such success, it’s little wonder that Deadpool fans have been clamoring to see extra footage from Tim Miller’s riotous flick, be that in the form of deleted scenes or a director’s cut. How and ever, contrary to previous reports, it appears Miller and Fox have no plans to release an extended version of the balls-to-the-walls origins story.

“I don’t wanna be all Joss Whedon on you, but no there’s not [a director’s cut]… There are some deleted scenes that have some extra stuff, but I’m pretty happy with this cut. I like it. There’s some stuff on the DVD extras, I had a little more workshop fight in there that I liked—that’s the beat that we were talking about, [Simon’s] like, ‘Tim it’s violent enough, please’ and I’m like, ‘Oh no but man when he stomps on his face it’s awesome,’ and Simon’s like, ‘No we’ve got enough.’ (laughs)”

And there you have it, Deadpool is a bond fide hit – budget cut and all.

Source: Collider

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