It Looks Like There Won’t Be A Remake Of The Exorcist After All

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In a conversation last week, Morgan Creek CEO Jim Robinson revealed that several popular titles from the studio’s back catalogue had resurfaced on its radar as potential remake candidates. That shortlist includes Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Major League, Last Of The Mohicans and one beloved classic in particular, which struck fear into the hearts of cinephiles everywhere: The Exorcist.

If there’s one guarantee in this life, it’s that even preliminary remake rumors can stir up a great deal of wrath from diehard fans. And now you can add directors to that list, as helmer of the 1974 original William Friedkin caught wind of the news and took to Twitter to publicly attack the studio’s intentions. “I mention it only in passing,” he Tweeted, “but I don’t believe Morgan Creek has rights to THE ORIGINAL only the so-called sequels.”

Immediately thereafter, he followed that statement with a clear cut Tweet outlining his opinion on the matter:

Quick off the mark, Morgan Creek assuaged Friedkin’s fears, announcing that this was not the case:

What’s most intriguing about this entire incident is the source of the issue. If this maelstrom of chatter stemmed from an unsubstantiated rumor, then it makes sense for a studio to rebuke it. However, this came from the company’s CEO. Regardless, it’s a reassurance to know that won’t have to suffer through a modernized version of The Exorcist, and one of the finest horror movies ever made won’t be tampered with. Nor will any of Morgan Creek’s other titles, as in a follow-up to another Twitter user, who asked about the Ace Ventura remake, the studio confirmed that they “have no plans to remake ANY of our movies.”

Tell us, are you happy to hear this news? Or were you rather looking forward to seeing Morgan Creek’s remake roster? Let us know in the comments below.