‘No Time to Die’ star names choice for next Moneypenny

no time to die

The James Bond franchise has always been able to move with the times in order to remain relevant, which is why it’s still capable of drawing in massive audiences from every corner of the world, even with the 60th anniversary of Dr. No on the horizon next year.

One notable reinvention has been the role of Eve Moneypenny, who spent the first several decades of her existence in the 007 universe fulfilling a role that could very generously be labeled as one-dimensional. Once the ironically-named Samantha Bond was replaced alongside Pierce Brosnan, Naomie Harris was drafted in as the put-upon secretary to Daniel Craig’s secret agent.

During her tenure as Moneypenny, we’ve seen the significant supporting favorite given a greater degree of agency and independence than we’ve ever seen before, which culminated in No Time to Die. Speaking to ScreenRant to celebrate the movie’s home video release, Harris put forth a fantastic suggestion to be her successor.

“I just think Olivia Coleman, whatever she does is amazing. And I would just love to see her spin on Moneypenny.”

An Academy Award winner as Moneypenny might seem highly unlikely, but Colman has just boarded the Marvel Cinematic Universe for Secret Invasion, so she’s evidently not above a slice of broad genre fare if it leaves her fancy sufficiently tickled. The identity of Harris’ replacement is a long way away, though, with the title hero first to be announced for the next Bond reboot.