No Time To Die Stays True To Bond Myth, Film’s Composer Says

No Time To Die
Photo via MGM

With the newest James Bond adventure No Time To Die set to hit theaters next week, some longtime fans may wonder if the film will stay true to its legacy. Well if the movie’s composer is considered a reliable source for you, you may find it a relief to know that Hans Zimmer thinks the film does a good job of honoring the 007 myth.

That’s according to Screen Rant, who cited a recent red carpet interview of the Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lion King composer that was shared by the official James Bond Twitter account.

From uttering quippy catchphrases, like “shaken not stirred,” to seemingly always being able to save the world in a stylish suit and having a velvet tongue when it comes to both romance and using wit to get out of a deadly jam, there’s no doubt the MI6 spy has a larger than life, almost fantasy-fulfillment type aspect, ever since the debut of the character as portrayed by Sean Connery in 1962’s Dr. No.

But what Daniel Craig’s version of Bond brought to the role included a more grounded, grittier portrayal of a man dealing with at once being a cold-blooded assassin and succumbing to genuine moments of vulnerability at times, such as the character switching from epic car chases and high stakes cards in one act to dealing with the mental anguish following a brutal torture scene in 2006’s Casino Royale.

Craig’s take has certainly done a lot to evolve the character from a seemingly invincible superhero, as has occurred in some installments in the past (looking at you, Roger Moore), so it’s a relief to hear the film is still striking true to the heart of its character, according to Zimmer:

“It’s an extraordinary job in storytelling, in myth making. I mean Bond is not… You know, he was always a myth but to maintain that, to maintain the integrity, to maintain the commitment to this and to constantly reinvent. It’s not that easy. Trust me, I know!”

We’ll just have to see how No Time To Die holds up against the film series’ past high watermarks and whether it’s a proper send-off for Craig when the film hits theaters in the US on October 8th.