Noah Gets A 3D Conversion For International Markets


Despite the many arguments against post-converting films to 3D, studios still do it just to squeeze a few more dollars (or Euros) out of their viewers. The next film to receive a 3D conversion is Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming Biblical epic Noah, with the added wrinkle that the 3D version will only play in international markets.

Paramount is paying $10 million to post-convert Aronofsky’s wet and wild film, but they do not intend to release the 3D version domestically. America, the United Kingdom, and France will be the recipients of the 2D version only, while 65 other international markets will have the option of 3D. It’s an odd move, but apparently Paramount believes they will make a better domestic box office via name recognition of director and stars than they would with the 3D.

Paramount based their Noah decision on the international success of Ang Lee’s Life of Pi. While Life of Pi did well in the domestic market 3D screenings, it quadrupled its box office take in 3D screenings internationally. What Paramount seems to ignore in this analysis is that Life of Pi was actually filmed in 3D, while Noah was not. The post-conversion problems of muddy picture quality and visually bizarre depth of field were simply not a factor when it came to Life of Pi.

We’ll have to wait and see if Paramount’s international gamble will pay off. Given the subject matter and epic scope of the film, Noah seems fitted for 3D. Still, post-conversion will always give me pause. I would just as soon not pay premium prices for poor picture quality.

You can check out the latest international poster for Noah below. Then let us know what you think about the post-conversion issue in the comments. Would you rather see the wrath of God in two dimensions, or three?

Noah floods American theatres in 2D on March 28.


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