Noah Baumbach To Re-Team With Ben Stiller For ‘While We’re Young’

After their last collaboration on Greenberg, writer-director Noam Baumbach and Ben Stiller are already preparing their next film together: While We’re Young. Which will also feature 127 Hours star James Franco. With roles for Cate Blanchett and Greta Gerwig apparently on the cards.

Blanchett apparently is being groomed for a role in the film after Jennifer Jason Leigh pulled out after recently divorcing Baumbach. Details of the film are being held very close to the chest at the moment, but Vulture inform us the film will be about:

A free-spirited Brooklynite twenty-something couple (Franco — and, possibly, Gerwig) who inspires an uptight documentarian (Stiller) and his wife (possibly Blanchett, pending the resolution of some scheduling issues) to loosen up — with comedic consequences.

To me it looks like another naval-gazing exploration of young, happily married couples complaining about their lives. I really don’t care for anything Noah Baumbach has ever done, his films are far too self conscious for their own good and often stumble into incredible self indulgence. This doesn’t sound any different, but if you are a Baumbach-aficionado it sounds like this new project could be for you.