Russell Crowe Is Not Alone In This New Clip From Noah

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With just under one week to go now until Darren Aronofsky’s Noah crashes into theatres, Paramount is making a final marketing push to get everyone on board with the film. There’s a lot riding on this one, and the studio is obviously aware that many moviegoers are still pretty skeptical of what the always controversial director has planned.

So far, reviews seem to be mostly positive, with Noah sitting at a decent 71% on Rotten Tomatoes. I reviewed the film last week and gave it a 4/5, calling it “ambitious, brave and visually stunning.” That being said, I’m fully aware that it won’t be for all audiences and I can see why Paramount is a bit nervous.

Today, we have two new Noah related videos to share with you. The first is a clip from the film that shows Russell Crowe facing off against Ray Winstone, as we hear our titular protagonist stand his ground and proclaim that he’s not alone. It’s brief, but it does give us a good look at the tensions that will be arising between these two characters.

As for the featurette, it’s actually quite interesting. It looks at the film from a religious perspective and is obviously intended to ease the fears of those who are worried that Noah will make too many changes to the story found in the Bible. We get several soundbites from figures in the religious community as well as a bunch of footage. Admittedly, several minutes of the video are just text but still, it’s worth a watch if you’re looking forward to the film.

Noah arrives this Friday, March 28th. Check out the two new videos below and let us know if you’re interested in seeing Aronofsky’s Biblical epic.