New Noah Poster Is Covered In Rain


Darren Aronofsky’s biblical epic Noah is just around the corner now, with its March 28th release date drawing near. Starring a fantastic line-up of talent that boasts names like Russell Crowe, Emma Watson, Anthony Hopkins, Logan Lerman and Ray Winstone, anticipation for the film is high. Given the tremendous talent that Aronofsky possesses as a director though, and the impressive cast that he’s assembled, that anticipation is certainly justified.

Today, Paramount released a new poster for Noah and though its rather simple in its design, it’s still a striking piece of art. We see Russell Crowe standing in the middle, holding an axe, as a heavy downpour reminds us that one hell of a flood is about to arrive.

From the looks of everything we’ve seen so far in terms of promotional material, Noah is being sold as a bit of an action movie. While this may indicate that Aronofsky is taking creative liberties with the Biblical story, it’s also a smart move on the studio’s part. Selling a movie like this could be tough, but if they’re able to put more of an action/blockbuster spin on things, it might help attract an audience who otherwise would stay away from a film that deals with God, religion and the Bible.

Regardless of what Noah turns out to be, there is one thing that is almost certain: it will, at the very least, be a visually impressive piece of work. This is Darren Aronofsky, after all.

Check out the poster below and let us know what you think in the comments section.