Non-Stop Gets The LEGO Treatment


Ever since The LEGO Movie became a mega hit, the popular children’s toy has become all the rage again. One thing that we’ve seen happening quite a lot lately is live-action films being re-created with LEGO. There have been several clever videos making their way onto the internet showcasing this new fad and the most recent one happens to be a trailer for Non-Stop.

Starring Liam Neeson (who also had a role in The LEGO Movie), the upcoming thriller from Universal hits theatres this Friday and looks to offer up a fresh take on a familiar story by placing the events in a single setting: aboard an international flight from New York to London. Neeson stars as U.S. Air Marshal Bill Marks, who finds himself as the prime suspect in a terrorist plot when people start dying one by one on the plane that he’s supposed to be watching over.

Our very own Matt Donato enjoyed the film and if you’re curious to see what he had to say about it, you can read his review. Let’s just say though that Liam Neeson fans will not be disappointed.

Check out the completely awesome (sorry, I had to) LEGO trailer for Non-Stop below and let us know if you’ll be catching the film in theatres this weekend.

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