Noomi Rapace Discusses Which Villains We Can Expect In Prometheus 2


Once Ridley Scott wraps up the final touches to his epic, Exodus: Gods And Kings, he’ll be turning his attention to The Martian. It’s to be expected, as that’s his next slated project and one that’s gathering steam at an alarming rate. However, if you were to ask any fan of the director which of his upcoming titles they’re most looking forward to, you’ll likely be presented with two options: Blade Runner 2 or Prometheus 2. The latter of which is still some ways off, but is never out of the news due to a massive amount of interest in the sci-fi sequel.

Scott threw a damp squib into proceedings last month when he announced flat out that there’d be absolutely NO xenomorphs in the movie. After this particular writer finally stopped blubbing, it became clear that the move is to distinguish the follow-up to 2012’s most divisive hit with the Alien franchise. Once and for all. It’s an interesting position, as previous talk had referred to the third Prometheus flick finally catching up to the first Alien movie in terms of a timeline. Well, we may very well see a xenomorph if we get a third entry, but who’s gonna be the big bad for the second?

“God?” Noomi Rapace recently suggested during an interview with MTV. “Or the Devil? I don’t know where [Scott] is going to take us, but I can’t wait to go there. I don’t know what we’re going to discover.”

“She can’t go to Earth,” the actress said of her character, Elizabeth Shaw. “There’s nothing left for her there really. She wants to go where they came from, those creatures [the engineers]… so what’s there? I don’t know.”

Well, God or the Devil, eh? Before you conjure up images of a fat white chap with a beard and a red-bottomed trident-wielding demon, it’s likely Rapace may have stumbled onto something. After all, the end of Prometheus made no bones about suggesting that the Engineers infact created humans, so… that kinda makes them deities, right?

Stay tuned for more news on Prometheus 2, the beasties Shaw may fight and whatever else we can hunt down on one of the most anticipated sequels on Scott’s production slate.