Marvel’s Nova Movie Could Bring Thanos Back Into The MCU


It looks like a Nova movie might finally be in the works as according to our sources, a film starring Richard Rider’s cosmic hero is actively in development at Marvel Studios – information that’s also been confirmed today by MCU Cosmic. Fans have been calling for this to happen for years now, but Phase 5 – where it would likely land – is probably the right time for it and it could reintroduce a popular character we wouldn’t have seen for a while by that point.

As the headline tells you, I’m talking about Thanos. Though the Mad Titan has nothing to do with Nova in the comics, he could be directly linked to his origins in the MCU version of events. Back in Avengers: Infinity War, Thor relayed to the Guardians of the Galaxy that Thanos had pinched the Power Stone from Xandar when he’d destroyed the planet. Though this major event was included in early drafts of the script, the incident wasn’t depicted on-screen. But it could be in Nova. 

You see, in the comics, Rider is given the power of the Nova Corps by their last surviving member, Rhomann Dey. If Thanos obliterated Xandar, he likely wiped out the Nova Corps as well. It seems natural to conclude, then, that Dey – played by John C. Reilly in Guardians of the Galaxy – made it out alive and will hand the powers of the space police force to the human teen. The destruction of Xandar would make for an awesome opening set piece for the Nova film, with the inclusion of Thanos giving it that extra fan-pleasing oomph.

WGTC has heard that Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien is one actor being eyed for Nova, though he’s not necessarily the top choice and we likely won’t know who Marvel has chosen for the role for a while. As always, though, we’ll bring you more news when it comes in and in the meantime, you can share your own pick for the part in the comments section down below.