We Now Know How Captain Phasma Survived The Explosive Finale Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens


The journey to The Last Jedi continues today with the release of Captain Phasma #1, a Star Wars miniseries designed to clue us in on the events that transpired between the explosive finale of The Force Awakens and Phasma’s subsequent escape from Starkiller Base. And boy, does it pack a punch.

Written and illustrated by Kelly Thompson, Marco Checchetto, Andres Mossa, and Clayton Cowles, this is another relatively minor addition to Star Wars canon, but it makes for interesting reading nonetheless.

For all of the hype and excitement generated by Phasma (AKA the Chrometrooper) in the lead up to The Force Awakens, Gwendoline Christie’s (Game of Thrones) elite Trooper didn’t have an awful lot of screen time – something that will seemingly be rectified with the release of The Last Jedi. But for those out there pining for some more content on Phasma, this newly-released Star Wars miniseries confirms her to be a “warrior born on a low-tech world called Parnassos.”

When it comes to that near-impossible escape, Phasma manages to clamber out of the trash compactor, wipe any remaining security codes, jog past Rey and Kylo Ren’s climactic lightsaber duel, encounter a BB-9E unit, and hop aboard a departing TIE Fighter in the nick of time. Don’t believe us? Just check out the gallery below for a taste of all that.

Last but not least, a passage from Captain Phasma #1 – one relayed to us by io9 – suggests Christie’s reticent leader may switch sides further down the line.

Although it won’t convince his superiors, Cardinal knows Vi is right. Even as an orphan, he never took such bold, cruel means to survive. To think: As a teen girl, she purposefully disabled her brother with a knife and watched her parents die, then… painted her body with what was left of them to cement her next loyalty. When she accepted that salve, she became Scyre. And he already knows what happened to the Scyre. Armitage thinks he’s got a Kath hound on a leash, but what he’s got is a rancor just waiting for the gate to open. No one will see the real Phasma until the moment when what the First Order wants is no longer what she wants. One day—and it’s coming—Phasma will betray them all. Just like she did her family, and just like she did the Scyre.

Perhaps Captain Phasma will swear allegiance to the Resistance come 2019? Who knows. One thing that’s certain, though, is that Star Wars: Episode IX is in need of a new director following Lucasfilm’s decision to part ways with Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World). As for The Last Jedi, it’ll be with us on December 15th of this year.