The Nun Conjures Up Three Terrifying New Promos


With a theatrical release penciled in for this Friday, September 7th, New Line’s aggressive marketing push for The Nun is now beginning to reach its shrill, blood-curdling crescendo.

And to prove it, Bloody Disgusting has relayed three suitably terrifying new promos for the Conjuring spinoff, teasing thrills, spills and demonic forces not of this world.

One particularly creepy clip revolves around Demian Bichir’s Father Burke, who finds himself smack bang in the middle of a supernatural trap. He looks to have journeyed deep within the bowels of the Cârța Monastery, only to be hunted by Valak, the titular entity capable of bending reality to her will – check out the hooded figures taunting Father Burke as he begins to descend into madness.

Via Bloody Disgusting:

As The Nun takes place in 1950s Romania, there are no technological hijinks protecting Father Burke and Sister Irene (American Horror Story‘s Taissa Farmiga) from the supernatural; they must rely solely on their survival instincts if they’re to make it out of Cârța Monastery alive.

Standing in their way is Bonnie Aarons’ Nun, who was originally courted out of the shadows for The Enfield Poltergeist. Much like The Crooked Man, she was deemed creepy enough to warrant her own spinoff movie, which brings us to September 2018, the month in which The Nun hopes to scare up a huge box office take and propel The Conjuring universe to dizzying new heights. And at least based on today’s creepy new promos, the New Line offshoot is well on its way.

“Keep praying… no matter what happens.” The Nun will be summoned into theaters on Friday, September 7th, where analysts predict a strong $35M opening for Corin Hardy’s spooky spinoff.