Oakes Fegley And Oona Laurence To Star In Disney’s Pete’s Dragon Remake


Known for her Tony-winning turn on Broadway as Matilda, Oona Laurence has inked her name on the line to star opposite the newly-acquired male lead, Pint-sized actor Oakes Fegley (who is taking on the role of Pete), in Disney’s latest rendition of Pete’s Dragon.

Laurence’s part won’t be recognizable to fans of the first movie. She has signed on and is set to play a character created solely for this iteration. Little else is known except she’s a friend of Pete’s and her name is Natalie.

The 1977 original utilized animation to bring the story of a young boy and his best buddy (a dragon) to life. Their majestic tale was told through song, as the orphaned Pete and his fire-breathing buddy Elliott, venture to a nearby fishing village. This time around, Elliott will be rendered using the power of CGI – for a slightly different take on the animated classic. Says Variety, “The first pic was a musical, but sources say this will be a straight narrative.”

That last reveal is rather surprising, considering Hollywood’s penchant for turning to musicals in recent years. There’s a hefty amount of upcoming titles due for release – most of which star Anna Kendrick – that involve some sort of musical element.

Currently set to be directed by David Lowery, produced by Jim Whitaker, and scripted by Toby Halbrooks and Lowery, there’s no shooting date or release date on the slate for Pete’s Dragon, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as any new info lands.

But more importantly – should this beloved cartoon classic be getting remade?