Obscure Villain Nightwatch Rumored To Appear In Spider-Man: Homecoming


The spectacular cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming is massive, and as of right now, we still don’t know who 90% of the actors are actually playing. With still no press release from Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures, it remains to be seen when we’ll actually find that out, but a new report seemingly reveals the inclusion of yet another villain who will join The Vulture and Tinkerer.

According to Bleeding Cool, Sony employees have been “buying up any and all comic books that feature [Nightwatch],” behaviour which they say “usually indicates that a character is planned for an upcoming movie and all the employees want to know everything they can about them, ahead of meetings, discussions, plans and merchandising strategies.”

That’s admittedly pretty thin, but similar reports have surfaced in the past and ultimately been proven correct, so it’s worth at least considering.

Does it mean that Nightwatch will appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming though? More importantly, who on Earth is this obscure bad guy? Created in 1993, Dr. Kevin Trench saw a costumed hero die in battle and unmasked him to realize that it was a future version of himself. Despite initially rejecting the idea of donning that suit and becoming Nightwatch (so he could hopefully avoid his future death), Trench eventually did so and ended up making sporadic appearances over the years before starring in a short lived series of his own.

How on Earth he’ll factor into this reboot is hard to say, but seeing as Marvel has frequently used characters with familiar names in very different roles, it’s entirely possible that he’ll just end up being a random henchman or crook that the wall-crawler takes down. Alternatively, Sony could be mulling over a spinoff for Nightwatch, but that’s hard to believe.

With Spider-Man: Homecoming set to be released next July, here’s hoping we find out more about what to expect sooner rather than later.

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