Ocean’s Eleven Spinoff Lands Helena Bonham Carter And Mindy Kaling

Helena Bonham Carter

Since Sandra Bullock was announced as the lead in Warner Bros. potential Ocean’s Eleven spinoff, the project has attracted the attention of every major A-list actress in Hollywood. Or it’s been reported that way, at the very least. While there’s been suspiciously little in terms of official announcements, there’s plenty of rumors about who’ll be joining the Oscar-winner and today brings another two names: Helena Bonham Carter and Mindy Kaling.

Word hails from Showbiz 411, who also confirm that Cate Blanchett is locked in for a co-leading role alongside Bullock. It’s expected that Bullock will be playing a part similar to Danny Ocean, the role George Clooney tackled in Steven Soderbergh’s remake (yes, that was a remake), with Blanchett sticking to more of a sidekick-esque vibe akin to Brad Pitt’s Rusty from the 2001 flick.

Whether the plan to connect the two franchises will come to fruition remains unseen, but it’s thought that Danny Ocean and Bullock’s character might be siblings. Can you smell the synergy?

While we don’t know who Bonham Carter or Kaling are meant to play, it’s not hard to imagine either of them delivering a corking supporting turn as one of Bullock’s cohorts. Reportedly, the plot will revolve around a gang of female crooks who plan to steal a necklace to frame a devious art dealer. And if you were excited at the thought of Jennifer Lawrence starring alongside them, then it seems that won’t be happening after all. It made sense for her to appear, especially since she’s already worked alongside director Gary Ross on a small movie called The Hunger Games. but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

As soon as the rest of the cast are in place, we can expect to hear an official start date for Ocean’s Eleven.