Dolittle Star Says We Should Replace Handshakes With Black Panther Salute Amidst Coranavirus

Black Panther in Avengers Infinity War

In these times of fear and terror, it’s more important than ever to find things to smile about. That’s more general truth than article specific, but still, stay positive people.

In relation to the fear and terror, here’s a new handshake suggestion from actress Octavia Spencer. Among Black Panther’s gifts to the world (they weren’t entirely cinematic) was the “Wakanda Forever” salute, an arms crossed symbol that became an instant internet meme. Given that handshakes amidst the coronavirus outbreak are off the table, that leaves us lacking suitable greetings. So why not, as Spencer advocates in the Instagram post below, adopt Wakanda Forever for all hellos and goodbyes in the coming months? I’ve seen worse suggestions.

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My new handshake for the next few months!

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Feel free to leave your own corona-pandemonium handshake ideas in the comments section. And given that this is a film/TV/gaming website, if your suggestions could be related to those categories, that would be welcome. For instance, we could start using the Arnold J. Rimmer salute from Red Dwarf. I accept that reference might be a touch esoteric, so bring more popular alternatives if you have any. At the moment, Rimmer’s is all I’ve got.

Hopefully by the time Black Panther 2 comes out we won’t all have been wiped out by the virus. Didn’t I say we had to stay positive? Not really living by my creed there. At least we’ve still got Black Panther? That’s not a message of hope, either. OK, I’ve got it. Let’s round off with some practical, totally non-hysterical pandemic advice. Make your way to your nearest fallout shelter and prepare to wait out the coming disease-induced zombie apocalypse. Think I nailed it this time. Stay positive people.