Venom Is Officially Not Part Of The MCU


For anyone still hoping to see Tom Holland’s Peter Parker face off against Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock, we have some bad, if long overdue news to tell you. Entertainment Weekly just ran a feature on the upcoming Venom movie and they’ve included some information that many of us already knew to be true, though you may still be saddened to see it in print.

“Venom is the first of Sony’s new films based on characters from the Spider-Man comics, although it’s a separate world from last year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. (It’s also not part of the deal between Sony and Disney that allows Tom Holland’s Spidey into the Marvel Cinematic Universe).”

This news has been more or less confirmed several times in the last couple of years by Sony, Kevin Feige, and Joe Russo, among others, though that hasn’t stopped plenty of us – including Tom Holland himself – from fantasizing about Spider-Man crossing paths with the classic villain. At the very least, we can all agree that Spidey deserves to fight a better rendition of the character than the Topher Grace version.

Instead, it looks like one of the biggest opponents that Venom’s going to have to face in his first solo movie is himself. EW quoted Tom Hardy comparing his character’s extraterrestrial infection to the curse of a werewolf, while director Ruben Fleischer elaborated a little on this internal struggle.

“Usually a human gets imbued with powers or an alien comes from outer space and has to figure out how to live on our Earth. But this is really about a relationship between two people who have to work together to create this hybrid symbiotic relationship.”

Though it doesn’t seem likely that Eddie Brock will get to meet the Avengers anytime soon, he may be one of the founding members of a cinematic universe of his own, with Silver & Black and Morbius, the Living Vampire in the works, as well as talks of a Kraven the Hunter movie being on the cards. That being said, with all the delays that Silver & Black has been hit with, who really knows when any of these projects will see the light of day.

However Sony handles those future films, we’ll always have Venom, which hits cinemas on October 5th.