The First Official Image From The Evil Dead Remake Has Been Revealed

The remake of Sam Raimi’s horror classic, The Evil Dead, clearly has its two camps. There are those that are firmly against a remake/reimagining of any kind, while there are also those that are willing to give it a chance in the hope that it might actually be good.

Not much had been seen from the film until just recently when director Fede Alvarez showed a teaser for it at the New York Comic Con, but before that, an official still was released giving us a small taste of what we can expect.

Fans of the original will immediately recognize the image of a possessed teen locked up in the cellar with only the small trap door separating it from the rest of the group. It’s a rather gruesome looking picture, but I love the way it’s looking so far.

In addition to the image, we’re also lucky enough to have a description of the teaser that was shown to the Comic Con crowd:

First, we saw the iconic cabin, which is introduced with the iconic Sam Raimi low-angle tracking shot. A group of new kids and Jane Levy push open the old cabin door, revealing leaves, dirt and a grubby cabin floor. Jane looks beat as hell and ready for her night of heroin withdraw (yes they are keeping the plot similar to the original). A trap door is discovered. A boy heads down the stairs and discovers THE NECRONOMICON! Sadly, we didn’t get the money shot of the new book cover; all we saw was a book wrapped in black plastic, someone ripping into it and the familiar old pages. The character starts flipping through the Necronomicon, rubbing a pencil over the strange words. He recites the enchanted phrases. Jane lets out an insane high-pitched scream and then states, “We’re all going to die tonight.” This was already cut together pretty quickly; now things get even faster, so we’re only getting flashes of the gore. I spot a girl in the shower cutting up the sides of her mouth, while one of her cabinmates screams, “What are you doing?” Another girl’s arm looks like it’s covered in boils, and she takes an electric carving knife to her bicep. Someone starts up a chainsaw (the crowd goes insane at this). Cut to another girl trapped in the woods, wrapped with branches. Yep, the raping tree is back. Jane returns with white eyes, white skin and a black tongue, which she sticks out, provocatively licking an exposed knife. Slowly the knife starts splitting her tongue in half. She’s doing this right in front the boil armed girl’s face.

A while back, I mentioned that I had the opportunity to read a draft of the screenplay for the film and this sounds like it’s matching up pretty well. Personally, I can’t wait to see how this turns out. Yeah, I’m in that second group that’s actually willing to give it a chance because, while I love the original, a remake could be a lot of fun.

We’ll finally get our chance to return to the infamous cabin in the woods when The Evil Dead hits theaters on April 12th, 2013.

Check out the image below and let us know what you think in the comments.

(Source: Comic Book Movie)