First Official Images From Rob Zombie’s 3 From Hell Tease A Bloody Ride

3 From Hell

3 From Hell is one of the most-anticipated horror releases of 2019. The conclusion to Rob Zombie’s gory Firefly family trilogy has been teased non-stop thus far by practically everyone involved with the production. Now, the first official images from the movie are out and they’re just as heart-pounding as fans would expect.

While the stills thankfully don’t give away too much of the plot, they do provide viewers with an inside glimpse at the chaos that’s sure to unfold onscreen. From what we understand, 3 From Hell takes place immediately following the events of its predecessorThe Devil’s Rejects, and finds the antiheroes stuck in an unenviable position. Otis (Bill Moseley), Baby (Sheri Moon Zombie) and Spaulding (Sid Haig) miraculously survive a hail of bullets only to wind up being thrown behind bars.

The images hint at their subsequent escape though, which everyone knew was an inevitability, as well as an unlucky cop being put into a devastating chokehold by Baby. The trio is then joined by Richard Brake’s new character Foxy as they wreak havoc upon the unsuspecting world.

Something interesting about the photos is that the eponymous “three from hell” appears to be Otis, Baby and Foxy. This begs the question as to what role Captain Spaulding will play in the sequel. It’s possible that his part will be diminished in the follow-up or that he might meet his demise at some point early on in the flick, though it’s also highly probable that these carefully planned stills are meant to be overly scrutinized. In reality, they could be intentionally trying to deceive fans into thinking that Spaulding won’t be onscreen much, only to give him more time to shine than any other character.

Regardless, these shots are pretty awesome and anyone who loved the first two installments is going to be especially excited for the new movie once they get a hold of these pictures.

3 From Hell will be hitting theaters on September 16th for three nights only. Don’t miss it.