First Official Look At Jessica Chastain And Colin Farrell In Miss Julie

Miss Julie

Liv Ullmann’s last directorial credit was 2000’s Faithless, but the legendary actress recently stepped back behind the camera to direct Jessica Chastain and Colin Farrell in the stage-to-screen adaptation of Miss Julie. Shooting on the film recently wrapped in Northern Ireland and now we have the first official look at the two leads.

Based on August Strindberg’s 1888 play of the same name, Miss Julie takes place over the course of one night in the 1880s at a large country estate. A tale of differences in power, it explores the struggle between Julie, a young aristocratic woman, and John, her father’s valet. In the play, the combination of mutual loathing and attraction leads to moments both seductive and savage. As the morning approaches, the pair can’t decide if their vision of a life together brings hope or hopelessness, until they eventually find their escape in the most tragic way imaginable.

Chastain isn’t quite as hot a name as she was a year ago, having been mostly absent from screens since last January’s Mama, but she’s still one of the better actresses working today, and this sounds like the sort of role she should flourish in. On the other hand, I’m not quite so optimistic about Farrell. I’m a huge fan of his but it’s in his action and comedic roles where he’s the most enjoyable. When he goes the romantic route, Farrell isn’t nearly as fun, or, in my humble opinion, impressive.

Miss Julie is currently in post-production and there’s still no word of a release date or a distributor yet, though I wouldn’t be surprised if this one pops up on the festival circuit.

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