Has The Official Logo For Wonder Woman 2 Been Revealed?


Bleeding Cool has uncovered an image that may well be the official logo for Wonder Woman 2 – either that, or it’s merely an alternate design of the first’s.

Citing a listing from Diamond Comics Distributors, BC’s report notes that the old-school logo embedded below, which is now available to pre-order in T-shirt form via Graphitti Designs, comes attached with the caption: “Wonder Woman II Movie Symbol.”

This tells us one of two things: either Warner Bros. has accidentally unveiled WW2‘s logo design – or at least an early placeholder – far in advance of the Patty Jenkins-directed sequel, or, in the more likely scenario, this is merely an alternative print of the original Wonder Woman logo that was projected onto theater screens two months ago. Besides, we struggle to imagine a scenario in which the Powers That Be over at Warner are willingly selling products emblazoned with Wonder Woman 2‘s emblem, even if it bears some resemblance to the Mother Box design from this year’s Justice League movie.

Per Bleeding Cool:

Perhaps one of those three artifacts will filter into the story of Diana Prince’s next adventure? It’s impossible to know for sure. What we do know is that, despite reports to the contrary, Wonder Woman 2 will be rooted in the past.

Not only that, but we’ve also learned that, in light of Wonder Woman‘s runaway box office success, Warner has placed its 2019 sequel on the fast-track, and though that may be true, it’s still far too early to begin releasing assets like this purported logo design to the public. Chalk that up as conjecture for now, though, and be sure to leave your own thoughts and predictions via the usual place.

Once Justice League descends into theaters on November 17th, and DC’s finest roster of heroes lock horns with Steppenwolf, Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot will then reunite for Wonder Woman 2 in time for December 13th, 2019.