Official Look At Rooney Mara As Lisbeth Salander

Today we get our first official look at Rooney Mara as bisexual, computer hacker Lisbeth Salander in David Fincher’s retelling of the hugely successful Stieg Larsson novel The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Mara looks to have shockingly altered her appearance, now a gritty punk as opposed to the sweet innocence and more traditional good looks of the previous movies we’ve seen her in, including The Social Network, where she previously worked with Fincher.

In the piece in W, the reporters managed to cough up a few interesting details. Particularly in the changes with Steven Zaillian’s script:

[The film] departs rather dramatically from the book. Blomkvist is less promiscuous, Salander is more aggressive, and, most notably, the ending—the resolution of the drama—has been completely changed. This may be sacrilege to some, but Zaillian has improved on Larsson—the script’s ending is more interesting.

Though I loved the first, Swedish adaptation of the film, I by no means think the film is perfect. With a pulpy thriller like this there is always more than one way to crack it. With a director like Fincher you will undoubtedly be getting a fresh look on the material plus the cast he has assembled is incredibly impressive and with Trent Reznor teaming again with Atticus Ross on the soundtrack, this could be one of the highlights of the year.