Official Saw Account Supports Gay Shipping In Series

It’s weird to think about gay romantic tension happening in the original Saw movie from back in 2004 but seriously, there’s a fandom for everything. If you search Adam x Laurence on Tumblr you can find hundreds of posts including lots of fanart of the two main characters of the film in many romantic situations. Heck, even fan fiction site A03 has over 340 stories featuring the ship.

Surprised? Well, prepare to have your head really spin because the official Saw account on Twitter seems to be having a bit of fun about the subject, potentially even encouraging the shippers to go even further. In response to someone’s surprise at the fan community for the ship existing, they shared one of the moments in the film that has fueled the fires of the fandom for quite some time.

The reactions from horror fans on Twitter have been absolutely priceless, ranging from extremely baffled to extremely excited at the acknowledgment. One person even shared a fan cam for the ship as others shared other romantically themed edits of the film.

Some people just can’t believe the official account would support the ship at all.

There’s a shipping legend right there…

Okay, we can’t deny it, we laughed at the dark humor here too!

So now we only have one question: Is Adam x Launcence the best Saw ship? Battle it out in the comments!