Shaun Of The Dead Now Trending As Ohio Protestors Photo Goes Viral


Of the many pandemic-stroke-apocalypse-stroke-doomsday movies experiencing a resurgence in the age of coronavirus, few are funnier or better-made than Shaun of the Dead. The self-proclaimed romantic comedy with zombies has gone down as a cult classic, and now it’s drawing new admirers.

Several Shaun fans have noticed a real-life similarity between our pandemic and that depicted in the movie. Here’s what was best described as “Shaun of the Dead goes stateside”:

For those unfamiliar with the image @Bevanbfree is referring to, this is the iconic film poster that Trumpists unwittingly re-enacted:

According to political scientist Ian Bremmer, they were protesting against Ohio’s stay-at-home order:

Ian opted for a Stephen King comparison as opposed to an Edgar Wright one. To each their own.

I’ll round off with a few more slices of Twitter commentary, starting with @akbarjekins pondering how we explain 2020 to future generations:


Of all the groups you’d pick to resemble zombies, you couldn’t pick better than hardcore Trump supporters – a joke all of these Tweeters seem to have missed. Sorry to come on all liberal elite, but the people in this photo are morons worthy of the comparison. “Not to get political or anything.” I think they made it political when they wore MAGA memorabilia.

Feel free to drop a comment with your own jokes, Shaun of the Dead related or otherwise down below. Is there something else you think these protestors resemble? We’ve already had Stephen King and The Purge, but perhaps there are more out there? Or, if you’ve been upset by the mean things the guy on the internet said, feel free to keep it to yourself. That was unusually testy wasn’t it? Normal service will be resumed next time, defo.