Old And New MCU Stars Teaming Up For Sci-Fi Rom-Com

baron mordo

So many names have boarded the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the last thirteen years that there’s an incredibly high chance various combinations will show up in at least a handful of projects in any given year, such is the vast reach of Kevin Feige’s franchise.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness‘ returning star Chiwitel Ejiofor and Secret Invasion‘s debutant Emilia Clarke are the latest pair to follow suit, with Variety reporting that the duo are set to headline sci-fi romance The Pod Generation, which will be directed by Sophia Barthes.

Emilia Clarke

The plot unfolds in a future where artificial intelligence is an everyday part of life, with Ejiofor’s Alvy and Clarke’s Rachel a couple living in New York who decide to take their relationship to the next level. In this instance, that involves a new tool developed by a tech giant that allows people to share pregnancies via detachable wombs.

Academy Award nominee Ejiofor is always value for money regardless of what he appears in, with Mark Wahlberg dud Infinite a very recent example, while Clarke is still on a mission to prove herself now that Game of Thrones is over, and a high concept romance with a unique hook is one way to go about it.